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From 2022 until now, Duyen Viet Yen has won the trust of customers in the US market by its delicate quality and diversity in each product line. Duyen Viet Yen always brings customers the best quality products. Duyen Viet Yen is gradually asserting its name and is in the top distributor and retailer of yen in the US. Duyen Viet Yen’s mission is to improve the health of Vietnamese people in the US, so Duyen Viet Yen produces the most quintessential and quality products to customers. We are committed to 100% natural bird’s nest, tough bird’s nest fibers that do not crumble and high nutritional content. Bird’s nest at Duyen Viet Yen is not mixed with impurities, standard process, ensuring food hygiene and safety. In addition, Duyen Viet Yen also produces ready-to-eat bird’s nest products with no preservatives, no additives. Premium distilled raw materials have a clear origin, distilled in certain doses. Currently, Duyen Viet Yen produces 13 nutritious flavors such as: red apple, alum sugar, gooseberry, longan, lotus seed, ginger, fresh pandan leaves, freshly ground pandan leaves, Korean pear, cordyceps, chia seeds, saffrfon,…

Shape and mass

Good quality bird's nests are usually in the shape of a boat or spoon. Nests can also be triangular if they are built in the corner of 2 adjacent walls.

Density and hatchiness

Good quality bird's nest is usually highly fine, with many thick fibers. These thick threads occupy most of the volume of the nest. Quality bird's nests will expand a lot when immersed in clean water.

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Color and purity

The nests all expand when soaked for a long time in clean water. At the same time, the color of the bird's nest will also fade, the fibers will gradually turn into a clear white. Even so, the water used to soak the bird's nest remains transparent, colorless.

Taste and dryness

Pure bird's nest always has a slight fishy smell due to the bird's drool. We only recognize this scent when we smell it close to the bird's nest when it is almost cooked, they will exude a light aroma similar to chicken egg white.

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Saffron Super Negin

Regaining a youthful physique from saffron, saffron has many health benefits and can also help improve skin beauty Saffron has antioxidants, which can help keep skin healthy, bright, and full of vitality. Natural skin lightening, which can help reduce the appearance of brown spots and enhance skin pigmentation. Incorporating natural bird's nest content makes it healthier naturally


Cordyceps is one of the rare medicinal herbs that bring many benefits to human health, such as: has the effect of promoting health, improving health, preventing cancer, blood sugar, cardiovascular, blood pressure ... but not everyone knows what cordyceps is as well as its uses, is "sought after" by many people with many different prices. For more information, please read the information below.
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Quality standards of Duyen Viet Yen

Quality test certificate of Duyen Viet Yen

Ensuring Quality Standards in the US: FDA | USDA | FWS.

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Sứ mệnh của Duyên Việt Yến là nâng cao sức khoẻ người Việt tại Mỹ cho nên Duyên Việt Yến cho ra những sản phẩm tinh hoa nhất và chất lượng nhất đến tay khách hàng. Chúng tôi cam kết 100% yến từ tự nhiên, sợi yến to dai không vỡ vụn và hàm lượng dinh dưỡng cao.