Longan Distilled Bird’s Nest

Longan Distilled Bird’s Nest


Longan is one of the ingredients used. Longan distilled bird’s nest is delicious, nutritious and helps solve many health problems. Especially good for pregnant women, physically weak children, children with growth retardation, anorexia,…

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Longan distilled bird’s nest is a delicious dish with a mild sweet taste. In addition, this food has a very high nutritional value. If you want to prepare nutritious dishes for your family, longan distilled bird’s nest is the perfect choice. What is the use and how to prepare this dish? Duyen Viet Yen sends you the following article!


Longan is the name of the pulp (flesh) of longan fruit. This flesh, separated from the seeds, is dried to ensure a longer shelf life. Longan is both medicine and food. Longan fruits acquire a brown or yellow color due to the drying process. In our country, Hung Yen is famous for this specialty.

Depending on the meat of each type of label, the thickness of the finished product label varies. It is worth mentioning that the sweetness of this dried fruit is very light, completely natural. Many people wonder what is the difference between labels and dragon labels? Then the answer to these two questions is that these two types are one. In addition to the name longan, longan is also known as demi-le or long-item! And it can be said that longan distilled bird’s nest is a perfect choice for your family to cool off in the summer heat.


Bird’s nest brings a lot of nutritional value to the body. Longan is one of the ingredients used. Longan distilled bird’s nest is delicious, nutritious and helps solve many health problems. Especially good for pregnant women, physically weak children, children with growth retardation, anorexia,…

Delicious taste, easy to eat, nutritious,… Thanks to these advantages, longan distilled bird’s nest is increasingly popular. Longan is the name given to the flesh of longan fruit that has been peeled, seeded and dried for several hours. Longan is crispy and has a characteristic aroma.

Longan distilled combined with bird’s nest makes the dish more delicious, in addition, longan also brings many good health benefits. What is the use of longan distilled bird’s nest? The following are the main effects:

  • Nutritional supplements for pregnant women, good for fetal development.
  • Bird’s nest contains many nutrients, usually amino acids, proteins and other trace elements. The same nutrients in longan fruit help nourish the body, reduce nervous breakdown, reduce anxiety, stress ,…
  • Longan helps treat anemia, stimulates the production of new cells, reduces insomnia.
  • Suitable for children with gastrointestinal problems, anorexia, malnutrition. The wonderful nutrients contained in food help children develop better physically and mentally.
  • Supports the treatment of many diseases of the stomach, heart, liver, spleen, etc.
  • Fully supplemented with nutrients to prevent premature aging, protect bones and joints and rejuvenate the skin, beautify women.

With many of the above advantages, longan distilled bird’s nest is very popular. But not everyone knows how to cook bird’s nests. Proper processing makes the dish tasty and retains the best nutrients. At the same time, taking the right dosage helps heal and overcome many health problems.


Longan distilled bird’s nest has many great uses, right? Let’s join Duyen Viet Yen to start preparing this delicious and nutritious bird’s nest for family members.

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3.1 Ingredients for making longan distilled bird’s nest

  • 10 grams of bird’s nest
  • 15 grams of longan
  • Alum sugar
  • Slices of fresh ginger

3.2 Processing longan distilled bird’s nest

  • Step 1: For raw bird’s nest, soak in water for 30-60 minutes. As for the cleaned bird’s nest, soak for about 15 minutes to soften.
  • Step 2: Long longan soaked in water to be very clean.
  • Step 3: Dissolve alum sugar into water. Then boil the mixture until sugar dissolves.
  • Step 4: Place the bird’s nest in a water bath. Note that only 15/<> bowl of water is added and the boiling time is about <> minutes.
  • Step 5: After 15 minutes, add longan and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the dissolved alum sugar mixture to the bird’s nest. Add a few slices of fresh ginger and you have prepared a delicious and nutritious longan bird’s nest.

Hot weather can be used to warm the belly. Or let cool and put in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, take out to eat, the sweet taste is cool.


  • The child is anorexic, stunted, malnourished, newly sick people wake up.
  • Pregnant women and women who have given birth.
  • The person is mentally or physically active, often stressed and depressed.
  • The elderly, sick, sick, surgical.
  • People need to supplement and maintain health and immunity.
  • Women want to maintain the beauty of their skin.

4.1 Notes when using longan distilled bird’s nest

Making longan distilled bird’s nest is easy, however, you need to know how to prepare it so that the dish is delicious without losing nutrients. Because bird’s nests are cooked for too long, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can evaporate valuable nutrients.

Note in the processing and use of this food:

  • Bird’s nest, choose good quality bird’s nest, find a reputable place to sell to avoid buying counterfeit and poor quality goods.
  • It is also not recommended to use combined ingredients such as longan, red apple, lotus seeds … if desired if damaged.
  • Prepare ingredients before cooking, cook too soft bird’s nests, boil the remaining ingredients before mixing.
  • Eat in moderation, do not eat too many bird’s nests during the day.
  • Depending on the location, health and needs of each person, the dosage of using bird’s nest is different. To ensure safety and health, you can consult your doctor or specialist for proper use.

4.2 Note how to distill longan bird’s nest for children and pregnant women

For young children, large-sized dishes such as longan are easy to choke. Therefore, when making dragon ring nests for children, do not forget to cut the longan fruit in half so that it is easy for children to eat.

In addition, dragon ring distilled bird’s nest has a beneficial effect on health for pregnant women. However, using too much distilled bird’s nest is also not good. Because eating a lot of longan will generate heat in the body, especially during pregnancy, the body temperature is higher than normal people.

Longan has positive health benefits when taken in moderate doses.


If you are someone who does not have much time or is clumsy in the kitchen, you can use ready-made bird’s nests at Duyen Viet Yen. Duyen Viet Yen always ensures:

Yến Sào USA

  • 100% real bird’s nest quality, refund if fake bird’s nest is detected, poor quality bird’s nest.
  • Does not contain preservatives, additives.
  • At Duyen Viet Yen, bird’s nests are always ready during the day.

In addition, Duyen Viet Yen also brings you alum sugar distilled bird’s nest with many different flavors, such as: Red apple distilled bird’s nest, Alum sugar distilled bird’s nest, Death distilled bird’s nest, Ginger distilled bird’s nest, Longan distilled bird’s nest, Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest, Fresh pandan leaf distilled bird’s nest, Saffron Distilled Bird’s Nest, Korean Pear Distilled Bird’s Nest, Mr. Manuka Honey Distilled Bird’s Nest.

We accept alum sugar distilled bird’s nest according to the taste needs of customers. In addition, we also sell bird’s nest products: leg bird’s nest, young white bird’s nest, whole bird’s nest, premium red bird’s nest at the best price in the market.

Bird’s nest and bird’s nest foods offer many nutritional benefits for health. Hope readers have delicious and nutritious recipes at home. Experts recommend that you thoroughly research the business premises, the origin of bird’s nests and the quality of bird’s nests before buying and using them to ensure health safety.

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30oz (3grams of dried nest), 60oz (7grams of dried nest)


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