Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest is a delicious and nutritious dish. At the same time it is not always good to eat, not all subjects can eat

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Lotus Seed Distilled Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nest has long been considered a golden food, refined by court chefs into delicious dishes to advance to the royal court. One of the delicious dishes from bird’s nest with a cool taste and high cuisine is lotus seed distilled bird’s nest. Today, people use this food to supplement daily nutrition for their families. Here is the information about lotus seed distilled bird’s nest that you need to know.


It is said to be a nutritious and popular food for Vietnamese people, especially in summer. Interestingly, lotus seeds combine very well with bird’s nest and alum sugar to create a delicious, nutritious dish that many people love.

Duyen Viet Yen Bird’s Nest launches a new product line “Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest” that is delicious and nutritious for customers.

The bird’s nest used to process lotus seed bird’s nest is 100% refined island bird’s nest from Khanh Hoa to ensure the highest quality. Not only that, the bird’s nest is many months old and located deep in the cave, so it absorbs more nutrients, during the preliminary processing process to remove all dirt, small feathers and residues to meet the standards and ensure food hygiene and safety. The dish consists of lotus seeds, fresh bird’s nests and accompanying ingredients are 100% pure, contain no flavorings, additives or preservatives.

Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest products belong to Duyen Viet Yen’s fresh bird’s nest product line, which can be enjoyed immediately after opening the lid, quickly and conveniently, helping users save maximum time.


Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest is a delicious and nutritious dish. At the same time it is not always good to eat, not all subjects can eat. The following subjects are not allowed to eat bird’s nest distilled with lotus seeds. Eat only when the body has completely cured the following diseases:

  • Bronchitis or bronchial infection
  • Inflammation of the urinary tract
  • Diseases of the liver
  • Colds, fever
  • Body insufficiency, internal urination
  • Poor performance
  • Weak stomach
  • Cough, cough with phlegm
  • Indigestion: flatulence, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, etc.


The effect of bird’s nest has been scientifically proven because the composition of bird’s nest is rich in nutrients. Contains high quality protein content and 55% / 100g of dried bird’s nest. More than 18 different amino acids and 31 trace elements are present in the bird’s nest. It has an excellent effect on all organs of the body. The most typical are the uses of bird’s nest, for example:

  • Increase immunity, strengthen health, help the body stay healthy, prevent diseases.
  • Supports digestion, stimulates appetite, helps anorexic children, improves food absorption.
  • Bird’s nest ensures a sufficient supply of nutrients for pregnant women, reduces the risk of birth defects, helps pregnant women beautify their skin and helps the fetus develop comprehensively physically and intellectually.
  • Bird’s nest contains many amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, help to sleep well, sedative, easy to fall asleep and improve memory.
  • Eating bird’s nest regularly also helps you have young, beautiful, smooth skin.
  • Eating bird’s nest also helps improve respiratory symptoms, improve male and female physiology.

Effects of lotus seeds:

  • Lotus seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Typical are vitamins A, C, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus ,… In particular, the enzyme L-isoaspartylmethyltransferase is considered a nutrient to help women maintain the beauty of their skin. This enzyme also helps women in their 30s slow down the skin aging process, have beautiful and smooth skin.
  • Lotus seeds have long been considered a relaxing elixir, curing insomnia and many other important uses.


  • Bird’s nest has very strong welding properties, when eating, you should add a few slices of ginger to make the dish more fragrant and not cold stomach. It also eliminates the characteristic fishy smell of bird’s nest.
  • People with high blood pressure should use lotus seed bird’s nest early in the morning after waking up so that they can have enough energy for a long day.
  • People with chronic insomnia can be completely cured if they eat bird’s nest about 2 hours before going to bed. Brings deep sleep, healthy nervous system. When waking up, the body is not tired and full of vitality.
  • Lotus seed bird’s nest can also be used for dieting. When bird’s nests are loaded into the body, the energy they carry can help reduce starch intake without causing fatigue.
  • Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest is a very healthy product, but do not overdo this product. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to eat the right dosage according to each age.
  • This product is not a medicine, so it is absolutely impossible to replace medicine.
  • Bird’s nests should not be cooked with other ingredients for too long to avoid loss of quality.
  • Do not eat lotus seed distilled bird’s nest with other foods during meals. This reduces the absorption of bird’s nest into the body. The nutrients in bird’s nest are not fully absorbed by the body and removing those substances causes waste.


5.1 Price of lotus seed distilled bird’s nest

To meet the needs of consumers, Duyen Viet Yen was born with many different forms and brands of distilled bird’s nest products, combined with different ingredients.

One of the most popular ready-to-eat bird’s nest dishes is lotus seed distilled bird’s nest. But many companies produce this product. This inadvertently makes it difficult for users to buy and find good quality lotus seed bird’s nest products at a reasonable price.

Therefore, consumers should find a reliable unit to send trust. Considered as one of the distributors of Vietnamese bird’s nests exported to the US, Duyen Viet Yen is proud to always provide pure, delicious and nutritious bird’s nests at extremely reasonable prices.

Our unit sources raw materials directly from nest farmers. This not only helps to ensure the price but also plays a very important role in determining the quality of the product.

When there is a need to buy bird’s nests, especially with lotus seed distilled bird’s nest in particular and bird’s nest products in general. Contact Duyen Viet Yen via: https://duyenvietyen.com/ or Hotline: +1 404-670-5678 for the fastest advice!

5.2 Advantages of lotus seed distilled bird’s nest products in Duyen Viet Yen

  • Lotus seed distilled bird’s nest or all other bird’s nest products of Duyen Viet Yen brand are processed according to a separate recipe. Distilled with years of experience from experts in the bird’s nest industry. Ensure products reach consumers always delicious and nutritious.
  • 100% of raw materials are obtained from nest houses and extracted from natural islands. During the normal distillation process, the bird’s nest is always crispy and has a characteristic strong aroma. The product does not contain preservatives or chemicals.
  • We are committed to compensation if customers find that our nests are not up to standard.

Above is useful information about lotus seed distilled bird’s nest. Hope you will have more benefits about this product to bring the best health to you and your family.

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30oz (3grams of dried nest), 60oz (7grams of dried nest)


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