Bird’s nest combines sweetness, calmness with pungent taste, warmth of ginger to help users not get cold, sluggish, and is an excellent taste regulator to help absorb well for the digestive system.

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Ginger Distilled Bird’s Nest

Ginger distilled bird’s nest is a product made from bird’s nest that is loved by many customers. Dishes from bird’s nest are not only delicious but also nutritious, have the effect of promoting overall health and supporting the treatment of many diseases. However, ginger distilled bird’s nest only works best when it is prepared properly and used in the right dose.


Ginger is considered a unique spice that has a calming, pungent aroma and warmth. In traditional medicine, ginger is used as a very effective medicine. The combination of bird’s nest and ginger not only eliminates the characteristic fishy smell of bird’s nest but also has a very good health effect. In addition, ginger is a common ingredient in cooking. Ginger distilled bird’s nest is a fast, delicious and nutritious dish. You can make your own ginger bird’s nest regularly to replenish nutrients for your body.

Bird’s nest combines sweetness, calmness with pungent taste, warmth of ginger to help users not get cold, sluggish, and is an excellent taste regulator to help absorb well for the digestive system.

To make ginger bird’s nest effective, you should use quality bird’s nest products such as Khanh Hoa bird’s nest, Nha Trang bird’s nest ,.. These products are currently on the market very popular, consumers can choose a reputable purchase address.


  • Health promotion and fitness restoration

With more than 50% protein, bird’s nest provides extremely high levels of protein and energy that help restore health and enhance endurance. Sick people, newly sick people, malnourished children, people who limit exercise use ginger distilled bird’s nest very effectively.

  • Strengthens the immune system

It contains more than 18 types of amino acids and more than 31 types of trace elements, in order to fully replenish the necessary nutrients for the body. It contains 10 amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own and are essential for humans. Therefore, bird’s nest perfectly replenishes essential nutrients, balances the body’s activity, supports metabolism, thereby improving the immune system

  • Good for the nervous system, improves memory.

The amino acids and micronutrients such as zinc in bird’s nest help stabilize the nervous system and nourish the brain. Bird’s nest improves memory and is suitable for the elderly, children, schoolchildren and working people. After a busy day, eating bird’s nest distilled ginger sugar alum will definitely your body will recover.

  • Tonic lungs and prevent bronchitis

Bird’s nest has the effect of cleansing the lungs, tonic lungs, tonic and expectorant, so it is very good for patients with respiratory diseases, bronchitis and protects the larynx. People who often suffer from sore throats, sore throats and weather-induced pneumonia should eat more ginger distilled bird’s nests.

  • Increased red cell in the blood

Due to its high iron content, bird’s nest helps replenish blood and increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, which is important in the synthesis of hemoglobin, helping to transport oxygen to the cells of the body. Therefore, blood is transported smoothly, blood circulation is enhanced, strengthening the function of the cardiovascular system, supporting the cerebral circulatory system, preventing accidents, strokes …

  • Anti-aging and skin beauty

Bird’s nest contains collagen that effectively works against aging and beautifies the skin. People who use ginger distilled bird’s nest regularly will see fewer wrinkles, lighter skin, lighter skin tone, fewer breakouts and fading spots and freckles.

  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Bird’s nest has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Especially suitable for people with atopic dermatitis, allergies, rashes, hot body and poor ability to eliminate toxins.

  • Very good for pregnant women:

Not only helps pregnant mothers be healthy, reduces the risk of diseases, viral and bacterial infections, reduces osteoarthritis pain, anti-stress, anti-fatigue, but also contributes to the comprehensive development of the fetal brain, nervous system, development of the skeletal system, nutritional balance, creating steel resistance for children right from the womb.

  • Kiểm soát huyết áp

Tổ yến chưng gừng có tác dụng ổn định tim mạch, cân bằng cơ thể, cải thiện quá trình tuần hoàn máu, giúp lưu thông tuần hoàn hiệu quả nên công dụng của tổ yến chưng đường phèn có ý nghĩa rất lớn trong việc kiểm soát huyết áp.


Tổ yến chưng gừng là món yến sào đơn giản, dễ chế biến mà vẫn đảm bảo giá trị dinh dưỡng và công dụng của nguyên liệu. Ngoài ra, cách chưng này giúp giữ nguyên hương vị nguyên thủy của yến so với các nguyên liệu khác như sự kết hợp của hạt sen, táo đỏ, đông trùng hạ thảo, hạt chia…

Làm đúng sẽ có kết quả tốt, bạn phải chưng tổ yến với gừng theo các bước sau:

  • Sơ chế:
  • Yến thô hoặc yến tinh chế 5g/lần/người
  • Một ít gừng tươi cắt sượi
  • Đường phèn
  • Nước lọc
  • Tô/chén sứ lớn có nắp
  • Nồi
  • Cách chưng yến với gừng
  • Nếu dùng yến đã làm sạch, ngâm  nước cho nở, tách sợi, cho vào rổ, lọc qua vài lần  nước rồi để ráo. Nếu dùng yến thô, bạn cần ngâm nước cho yến nở mềm, dùng nhíp nhặt sạch lông rồi rửa lại nhiều lần với nước để loại bỏ tạp chất.
  • Place the prepared bird’s nest in a porcelain bowl/cup, fill the nest with just enough water, cover it with a lid and put it in a water bath.
  • The distillation time is about 20 minutes, when the water in the pot boils, turn the heat medium so that the bird’s nest does not change its taste and does not lose nutrients
  • After 20 minutes, add the alum sugar. Mix well and then add the sliced ginger and distill for another 5 minutes
  • It is recommended to use ginger distilled bird’s nest when it is still warm to avoid fishy and help the body absorb nutrients best.


The way to distill bird’s nest with fresh ginger is quite simple, it does not take too much time and anyone can do it. However, if the wrong process is done or the distillation time is too long, too high a temperature will affect the taste of the dish and lose the nutrients in the bird’s nest.

When distilling bird’s nests, the following points should be noted:

  • After distillation, the nests bloom many times more than before. Therefore, in addition to using large bowls, the amount of water also needs to be adjusted accordingly. Adding a little water can reduce the hatchiness of bird’s nests, making them untasty. You can add more or less water if you want, but the minimum amount of water should be enough to cover the nest.
  • Distillation temperature directly affects the taste and nutrients of the food in the bird’s nest. If you are using a conventional autoclave, adjust the heat to medium when the water in the boiler boils. Using a specialized bird’s nest distillation pot, the temperature must be conditioned between 70 – 80 degrees Celsius.
  • The distillation time for refined bird’s nests is about 20-30 minutes for regular pots and 60-80 minutes for specialized pots. Too short or too long distillation time makes the nest mushy or hard, less tasty.
  • The best time to use ginger distilled bird’s nest is on an empty stomach. Therefore, you should use it early in the morning or at least 1 hour before going to bed.
  • For healthy people, it is only necessary to use 5g of bird’s nest / time and can be used 3-4 times / week to replenish all the necessary nutrients for the body. If the person has health problems, pregnant women over 3 months, children over 1 year old should talk to their doctor for special dosage instructions.
  • People with hemorrhage, stomach ulcers, gallstones, high blood pressure, allergies or hypersensitivity to ginger ingredients should not combine ginger with bird’s nest.


Currently, Duyen Viet Yen serves hundreds of customers every day in the US at 2 online channels: Facebook and Website. Most of the goods customers buy bird’s nest products from Duyen Viet Yen are from friends or acquaintances who feel good, so they come to buy, this number of customers often use to improve health, so it is very stable.

If you need to buy bird’s nests for babies, pregnant women, postpartum, sick elderly, please contact Duyen Viet Yen immediately for faster support.

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30oz (3grams of dried nest), 60oz (7grams of dried nest)


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