White Bird’s Nest Pulled Out Feathers

White Bird’s Nest Pulled Out Feathers


White bird’s nest is ivory-white, the nest surface is thick, the nest thread is thick. This is one of the 3 famous types of bird’s nest today. Like other types of bird’s nest, white bird’s nest is a type of bird’s nest that is obtained from the bird’s drool. When distilled the bloom is abundant, less hairy, fragrant and tough.

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White bird’s nest is ivory-white, the nest surface is thick, the nest thread is thick. This is one of the 3 famous types of bird’s nest today. Like other types of bird’s nest, white bird’s nest is a type of bird’s nest that is obtained from the bird’s drool. When distilled the bloom is abundant, less hairy, fragrant and tough.

Whole bird’s nest or whole feathered bird’s nest is a highly nutritious food. Therefore, when buying white bird’s nest to withdraw whole feathers to use, you should use it immediately and should not store it for too long. Otherwise, the nest may spoil and lose nutrients. Different types of bird’s nests need different storage methods for the nest to retain nutrients and last longer.


Whole nest retracted bird’s nest, also known as feathered white bird’s nest, is a type of bird’s nest that still retains the shape of the nest, looks beautiful and still has bird’s legs.

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The whole feather drawn white bird’s nest is more advanced than the refined bird’s nest, because it has been withdrawn feathers to look more beautiful and intact in the shape of the bird’s nest. In order to obtain the product of whole feather-drawn bird’s nest, the nests must be selected as high-quality, beautiful nests with few feathers and impurities.


This is a high-end bird’s nest product line because it has been drawn and selected from the most beautiful nests, less feathers, less impurities. The feature of the whole feather-withdrawn bird’s nest is that it has a high toughness, when soaked, it does not disintegrate. Normally, high-class types of bird’s nests will be carefully selected, so the quantity is not much, so the whole nest feather-drawn white bird’s nest has a high price.

When preliminarily processing bird’s nest to withdraw whole feathers, it requires skilled workers, meticulousness from which the cost of hiring labor is also high. This is one reason why the cost of whole bird’s nest is much more expensive than other types of bird’s nest.

The nutritional value of whole feathered bird’s nest is preserved because during the preliminary processing of bird’s nest very limited contact with water, just spray water to create moisture for easy cleaning.

The whole nest retracted white bird’s feathers almost retained the original shape of the raw nest.


Whole nest feathers are easy to find today, but you must be careful when choosing to buy high-quality bird’s nest, avoid buying fakes.

Currently, there are many whole hair drawing products on the market, here are some tips you can follow to avoid buying expensive products or cheap products but poor quality.

  • Bird’s nest shape

The most common shape of a whole feathered white canary is in the shape of a boat or spoon. When the nest builds a nest at an angle between two walls, the nest is triangular in shape. This does not affect their nutritional value.

  • The color of white canary

Whole nest feathers are naturally colored, without mud, sandy soil is the highest quality type of bird’s nest. The bird’s nest will be ivory white, the pink bird’s nest will be light yellow, the blood nest will be red. After soaking in water, the whole nest will absorb water and take on a lighter color, the inner nest fibers become transparent.

The water after soaking the bird’s nest remains clear. However, the water after soaking the bird’s nest turns light yellow. If the bird’s nest is pure white, it means that the nest has been bleached, reducing the nutritional value of the bird’s nest and harmful to health.

  • Weight and volume of whole feathered oats after immersion

If the white canary has finer, thinner, tighter fibers, the thicker it is, the greater its volume when immersed in water. Each nest has a different percentage of hatchability. White bird’s nest after soaking is several times heavier than before soaking.

  • The taste and moisture of white bird’s nest

Quality whole feathers are recognizable by the nose because the quality product will smell drool, blood and a slightly fishy smell of whites after cooking. It is recommended to choose dried bird’s nest because sticky, soft or moist bird’s nest will be difficult to store and the nest is prone to mold.

Yến Sào USA

  • Price and brand

When choosing a whole feathered white bird’s nest, it is best to use the principle of “see, smell and feel”. The price of a bird’s nest depends on its taste, size, thickness, dryness and tightness. If you only look at the brand and price without directly observing the appearance of the product, it is difficult to choose which type of bird’s nest is good and cheap. It is best to buy bird’s nest at a reputable store, ensuring quality.


White bird’s nest in particular and bird’s nest in general contain many rich nutrients. Similar to refined bird’s nest, feathered bird’s nest contains 18 amino acids including nutrients such as:

  • Aspartic acid (4.69%), proline (5.27%) help cell regeneration.
  • Cysteine, phenylalanine (4.5%) help support memory improvement, conduct nerve impulses, help the body grow, increase the ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun.
  • Syalic acid, tyrosine (8.6%) help restore red blood cells, remove toxins contained in the body,…
  • Glucosamine helps bones regenerate cartilage.
  • Bursae helps treat arthritis.

According to traditional medicine, White Yan withdrawing raw feathers is likened to a kind of elixir that brings many benefits to human health.

  • Improves memory and soothes the liver, kidneys, intestines.
  • Improves bone calcium absorption, strengthens bones and joints, promotes joint cartilage regeneration.
  • Anti-aging, relieves osteoarthritis, spondylosis.
  • Support the treatment process of cancer patients, for new surgeons.
  • Good for the cardiovascular system, prevents the risk of infection and the development of diseased tissues.

Thanks to its many health benefits, bird’s nest is increasingly known and chosen as a daily supplement. However, on the market today there are many products sold at prices from high to low. To ensure health safety, you must go to a reputable and quality whole-haired white bird’s nest establishment to buy and use.


Bird’s nest is a nutritious food, but not everyone who eats this dish is healthy. The following subjects are not recommended to use bird’s nest:

  • Children under 6 months: It is difficult for children under 6 months to absorb nutrients from bird’s nest, but should get nutrients mainly from breast milk. When babies 6 months and older are in the weaning phase, their ability to absorb and use the nutrients in bird’s nests is better. Bird’s nest can support children with anorexia, malnutrition, nocturnal sleep deprivation.
  • People with protein allergy: Whole feather canary is rich in protein (45-55%) containing up to 18 amino acids. Protein is a very good source of nutrition for many people, but bird’s nest is not suitable for people who are allergic to protein.
  • People with colds: If the cold has not resolved, bird’s nest is not suitable, because this dish is nutritious and cold. If your body is suffering from leprosy, cold… then using bird’s nest will only make your disease worse.


At what time does the effect of white canary come into play?

Nutritionists recommend that the best time to use bird’s nest is in the morning after waking up or in the evening before you go to bed.

About an hour before bedtime, your body will concentrate many different hormones, which help your body absorb nutrients more easily. This is the time when nutrients are most utilized. Therefore, you should arrange time to eat whole oats for your body to absorb nutrients optimally.

  1. The effect of white bird’s nest on the health of users
  • Improves the functioning of the immune system

When cancer patients receive chemotherapy, both diseased and healthy cells are destroyed. Inside there are healthy cells or so-called “B cells” and white blood cells responsible for producing antibodies that protect the body from disease, these patients are more susceptible to disease than normal people.

A study conducted on mice by a team of Chinese researchers found that bird’s nests contain a protein that can accelerate the production of B cells that boost the immune system.

  • Promotes eye health

In humans, fibrocytes will be responsible for healing damage to the cornea. Keep your cornea healthy after injury or illness.

In 2011, the Department of Anatomy of the National University of Malaysia conducted a study to see if bird’s nests contain hormones that help the body produce more corneal fibrous cells, which are concentrated in the form of serum injected into rabbits. Observations showed that rabbits that were injected with bird’s nest serum were capable of producing more fibrocytes than other rabbits. This is considered the most convincing evidence that bird’s nest has a positive effect on vision.

  • Helps prevent aging

Women in their 30s onwards face the number one enemy: skin aging. Whole feathered canary will be a great savior because it contains a lot of amino acids that work against aging.

The threonine in white canary also aids in the production of collagen and elastin, two compounds that are important in skin cell regeneration. In particular, the combination of threonine and glycine can help prevent wrinkles, anti-aging, prevent acne, reduce the formation of freckles and brown spots, help the skin stay soft and full of vitality.

  • Support health promotion for older adults

White bird’s nest can also help improve the physical and mental well-being of the elderly by containing ingredients such as:

  • Methionine helps prevent arthritis.
  • Phenylalanine helps improve memory.
  • Leucine helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Histidine helps heal intestinal disorders.
  • Threonine helps treat liver-related problems.
  • Lysine enhances calcium absorption and fights spinal degeneration.


A whole nest is a raw nest after being thoroughly cleaned and dried. Users only need to buy and distill to use.

Store in a dry, cool and clean place like storing feathered bird’s nests. Do not store in a discreet damp place, the nest may be damaged or moldy. Keeping it near a glass window with sunlight will reduce the quality of the nest, making it degraded and unusable.

Whole nest retracted canaries are usually dry, hard, brittle and brittle. Therefore, in places with a humid climate, the lid should be tightly closed after use to limit exposure to external moisture.

  • Notes when storing white bird’s nest to withdraw whole feathers

When storing bird’s nests and dishes from bird’s nests should be kept in an airtight container, kept in a cooler to avoid contact with other foods in the refrigerator.

However, bird’s nests are expensive, high-quality products. To ensure the best quality, it should be used immediately, it should not be left for a long time. If the nest has turned black or discolored, it indicates that the nest has become moldy or oxidized excessively and should not be used. Therefore, when preserving bird’s nests, it is necessary to keep them clean, airy and easy to observe.


As mentioned above, bird’s nest in general or whole feathered bird’s nest in particular requires careful and time-consuming preliminary processing. What gives Bach Yen the quality of Duyen Viet Yen feathers is the quality of the raw materials, the care in the processing process and strict hygiene procedures.

Yến Sào USA

Duyen Viet Yen Bird’s Nest always selects carefully about the source of Bird’s Nest. The preliminary processing process includes only natural nests of stable quality, without feathers and impurities.

Duyen Viet Yen’s bird’s nest preparation staff are well-trained. Fully equipped and trained in natural drying techniques. Preliminary processing tools ensure food hygiene and safety during the preliminary processing process.

At the same time, the equipment used in the preliminary processing of bird’s nests is cleaned and disinfected. We carefully carry out the process of removing the hair of the white canary. Ingenuity and patience at the hands of skilled craftsmen.

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