Bird’s Nest Leg

Bird’s Nest Leg


The part on both sides of the edges of the white canary nests is called the white canary legs. Since this is the oldest of the parts of the nest, it has a color from ivory white to dark yellow.

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Bird’s nest legs are a nutritious food favored by many users. The legs of bird’s nest have a chewy texture, which is a popular dish for those who want to enjoy the fresh taste of melted bird’s nest in their mouth. To know the nutritional value and price of bird’s nest legs, please find out all information about the product at Duyen Viet Yen Bird’s Nest.


Compared to the bird’s nest, the number of people who know about the bird’s nest legs is definitely small. But this is the part with many nutrients that are very nutritious for health. Bird’s nest legs are also called bird’s nest legs. Bird’s nest legs are the part to fix the nest (bird’s ear) on the cliff or wall of the house. Therefore, the legs usually have a larger and thicker structure of the nest.

During the breeding season, they create nesting material by mixing aqua regia in their mouths and seaweed found in the sea.

When building a nest, the swift builds strong hind legs and pulls yarn from one leg to the other to build the nest. Therefore, the base of the nest must be very strong to be able to hold the nest. For this reason, this part often turns out hard and tasty, and the bird’s nest does not collapse even after washing, it does not change weight and is easy to clean.


Nest legs have a lumpy, thick shape because when they build a nest, they often secrete an abundant amount of saliva that forms a mass that adheres tightly to walls, cliffs, preventing the nest from falling over during the life of the increasingly large bird. This part contains the most saliva secretion, so when used, the bird’s nest legs have a slightly fishy taste and crunch. The bird’s nest leg is also the oldest part of the nest, so cleaning the bird’s nest legs takes longer than regular nests.

Regular use of bird’s nest legs can save the family a lot of money, because when soaking or boiling bird’s nest legs will expand much larger than other types of bird’s nests. But in fact, there are not so many products from bird’s nest. Because when exploiting, people often want to sell whole nests to get a higher price. Rarely, the nests are held so tightly together that they break during the procurement and transportation of the nest.

At Duyen Viet Yen, we separate bird’s nests directly from raw bird’s nests instead of buying broken or damaged nests outside the market. Bird’s nest legs are thoroughly washed to remove feathers, dirt and other substances in order to save time and effort of consumers.


The quality that the bird’s nest legs bring is not much different from other types of bird’s nests. Customers can use bird’s nest legs to improve health, rejuvenate skin, improve physical strength.

There is also an opinion that “the bird’s nest is the first place created by the bird’s nest, formed early, so it is the healthiest place, so it is more nutritious than the regular nest”. It is also for this reason that when you buy good raw bird’s nest, you will always find bird’s nest legs. The absence of bird’s nest legs can greatly reduce the value of the bird’s nest.

Bird’s nest legs contain more than 31 trace elements necessary for the development of young children and the health of older people. Bird’s nest legs or bird’s nests in general have a high content of calcium, iron and contain ingredients that help strengthen the mind and clarity in the elderly.

Bird’s nest also contains anti-radiation ingredients such as se-le. Bird’s nest also contains non-fattening galactosemia.

White canary legs contain ingredients that support the formation of collagen and elastin, two substances that refresh the skin structure, combined with glycine to help prevent wrinkles, prevent freckles (especially on white skin), reduce dark spots,… and make the skin bright and full of vitality. For pregnant women, tryptophan in bird’s nest legs helps the fetus develop in a balanced and healthy state.

Although the nutritional value is similar, if you are a first-time buyer of bird’s nest and cannot distinguish the real fake, you should be careful when buying bird’s nests or bird’s nest products.


Reading this, you must have imagined for yourself whether to use bird’s nest legs or bird’s nests, right?

If you want to eat bird’s nest, you should use bird’s nest legs because you can feel both the fleshy taste and the crunch. In addition, bird’s nest legs are cheap and when soaked, they will bloom a lot, so using bird’s nest legs is a great choice for your family.

If you want to feel both bird’s nest legs and long bird’s nest fibers, use whole bird’s nest or refined bird’s nest. Using whole bird’s nest ensures 100% of the original nutritional value, preliminary processing and cleaning time will be faster. In just about 30 minutes, you can prepare delicious and nutritious bird’s nest. Not only that, the whole bird’s nest looks more beautiful and neat than the bird’s nest leg when stopped.


Bird’s nest legs are affordable, the cost of bird’s nest legs is much cheaper than whole nests.

Therefore, bird’s nest legs are often suitable for families with reasonable spending, saving to improve the health of the whole family, fostering the health of both children, pregnant women, the elderly and the sick, which can be said to be very suitable for customers in need.

The selling price of bird’s nest feet in the market is also quite low, suitable for the economic conditions of the majority of customers.

As you all know, the effect of bird’s nest legs is not inferior to ordinary bird’s nest, right? More specifically, the price is more attractive to help customers eliminate financial worries. Bird’s nest legs are like shredded bird’s nest, although inferior in aesthetic value, but the nutritional value is no less.

Therefore, customers do not hesitate to buy this nutritious product at Duyen Viet Yen to use for their families.


Bird’s nest legs are quite cheap, so they are suitable for the pockets of most customers, especially:

  • If you need nutritional supplements for yourself and your family
  • People after waking up sick often lose sleep, stress and stress.
  • Children from 2 years old. Bird’s nest legs are usually tougher and crispier than regular bird’s nests, so they soak longer and handle them more carefully when used by children.
  • Pregnant and lactating women…
  • Customers need to use bird’s nest regularly at a reasonable and economical cost.


Refined bird’s nest legs, which do not guarantee the rampant quality in the market. It is easy to buy a fake by mistake if you are not careful. So how can you buy a bird’s nest leg product that ensures the highest quality?

You can buy bird’s nest leg products at Duyen Viet Yen. Our products are carefully selected, the ratio of 10 nests is to choose 3 nests from long-term bird’s nest operators for at least 10 years or more. At the same time, Duyen Viet Yen commits to no chemical sugar, no bleach. If detecting anything abnormal, Duyen Viet Yen will return 1: 1 to ensure the best interests for customers.

As you can see, bird’s nest legs are very good for human health. To save time and effort, you can choose to buy bird’s nest legs at Duyen Viet Yen, the product has been washed according to standard procedures, so it ensures the same nutritional content.

For advice on ordering spot, please contact Yen Chao Duyen Viet Yen immediately with hotline: +1 404-670-5678


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