Red bird’s nest is one of the rare and difficult types of bird’s nest, only in remote desert islands off the coast or on craggy cliffs that people rarely visit.

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Worldwide, red bird’s nest and blood nest account for only about 10% of production at the time it is harvested. This proves that both types of bird’s nests are extremely rare, so the price will be much higher than other types of bird’s nests.

If your family wants to enjoy luxurious dishes but the finances are average, red bird’s nest is the perfect choice than blood yen.


Red bird’s nest is a rare type of bird’s nest that accounts for only 10% of the number of bird’s nests exploited. Red bird’s nest is usually orange or yellow-orange, small quantity, rare, so it costs more than ordinary canary.

Bird’s nest in Duyen Viet Yen is a type of bird’s nest originating from Khanh Hoa, leading Vietnam in terms of production and quality of bird’s nests. Red bird’s nest is meticulously purified, hair is removed and the jaw is kept optimum nutrients.

It is often called pale pink bird’s nest to distinguish it from the red bird’s nest (pink blood bird’s nest) which is a darker type of bird’s nest. Pink oats are light orange-yellow, lotus-shaped orange, sterilized with UV lamps before packaging. Each nest weighs about 10g, each box packs 50g or 100g i.e. 5 or 10 nests.

The color of the red canary is different from that of the white bird’s nest (ordinary white bird’s nest) which was once thought to be formed by the blood of the bird’s nest. However, the color of the canary is formed due to the fact that the components of the bird’s saliva interact with the mineral components of the cliffs and walls where the swift lives.


Red bird’s nest is nutritious and not harmful to health, so most people, no matter how big or small, male or female, can use it. It is especially often used in health care for such subjects as:

  • Middle-aged and older adults
  • People who are physically weak
  • People with poor resistance
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Postpartum and lactating women
  • Anorexic or stunted children
  • People who often suffer from insomnia or difficulty falling asleep
  • Adults loss of appetite, anorexia
  • People with stressful jobs. stress, pressure
  • Both men and women reach middle age,…

This is nature’s gift of health and helps the human body, especially for health care.


Bird’s nest contains many valuable nutrients that are beneficial to human health. Red bird’s nest and blood canary are rich in trace minerals and amino acids, which are said to be very good for the body. It is very beneficial to human health due to the chemical fermentation process between the bird’s nest drool and the minerals on the cave cliffs. So how exactly does this nutritional value affect the human body?

3.1 The effect of red canary on children

  • Support the digestive system in young children, help them eat quickly and have a good appetite

The composition of red yen contains many proteins, amino acids and many trace elements that effectively promote the digestive system of the child. Chromium, a rare element found in bird’s nest, also enhances the ability to absorb nutrients through the intestinal membrane.

  • Improve and strengthen the immune system for healthy, disease-less children

Eating red bird’s nest regularly helps children strengthen their immune system due to its composition containing a large amount of iron. Iron is a trace element that relieves dizziness and prevents infections in a child. Children with iron deficiency are very susceptible to viruses.

  • Support the development of the musculoskeletal system in children

Red canaries are rich in calcium, which supports the development of bones and teeth. Regular eating of bird’s nests during the golden period facilitates a noticeable increase in the height of the child.

In addition to the above uses, red bird’s nest can also help children enhance nerve reflexes, increase red blood cell count, balance body metabolism, support cough, reduce chronic bronchitis, reduce cough phlegm …

3.2 The effect of red canary on older people

  • Health promotion and prevention of common minor diseases

Red bird’s nest is rich in vitamins and minerals, so the use of red bird’s nest is to help increase human resistance, effectively fight diseases and strengthen a strong immune system.

  • Improves kidney function and makes the kidneys work better

The use of red bird’s nest is also said to enhance and improve the excretion ability of the kidneys, in many cases, bird’s nest helps improve kidney weakness and increase the ability to eliminate toxins from the blood.

  • Impact on blood pressure, improve heart function, reduce blood pressure

Red canary helps stabilize circulatory function and stabilize heart rhythm. Older people often suffer from high blood pressure, so using bird’s nest is a great solution to improve this condition.

  • Improves the functioning of the digestive system

Bird’s nest stimulates the taste buds of the elderly for better appetite and absorption. Metabolism and digestion are improved, helping the elderly absorb optimal nutrients, limiting constipation.

  • Increased respiratory activity and cleansing the lungs

Minerals in red bird’s nest improve respiratory capacity, strengthen the lungs, relieve cough. Symptoms of asthma, bronchial cough in older people are markedly reduced.

  • Improves memory

The composition of red canary contains 4.5% of the amino acid phenylalanine. This is an amino acid that functions to strengthen the brain, improve memory and directly affect all brain activities. It also helps increase the amount of neurotransmitters and improves memory in the elderly.

  • Improves Calcium Absorption

With a composition of 1.77% Lysine, it is an essential amino acid necessary for calcium growth and absorption at any age.

3.3 The effect of red canary on pregnant women

  • Provides many essential nutrients for pregnant women

During pregnancy, women need many nutrients to nourish their bodies and promote fetal development. Bird’s nest contains up to 18 amino acids in addition to essential minerals and vitamins that help balance nutritional needs for mothers who are deficient due to morning sickness, fatigue during pregnancy.

  • Reduce symptoms of morning sickness

A woman’s eating activity during pregnancy is also affected by some hormonal changes in the body. When using cardinals, the threonine contained in it improves maternal sleep, improves diet, reduces symptoms of morning sickness and improves well-being.

  • Cure back pain, numbness of limbs

As the fetus grows, it compresses the nerves, causing back and leg pain. Choosing to include red canaries in a pregnant woman’s diet can help relieve these symptoms.

  • Bird’s nest helps fight depression during pregnancy

Trytopan in bird’s nest is an important nutrient that has antidepressant effects, increases arousal in pregnant women and reduces fatigue, stress, anxiety.

  • Strengthens the immune system for both mother and baby

The formation of nerve cells in early pregnancy is important for the fetal immune system.

  • Improves the absorption of nutrients

Red yen is rich in protein, amino acids and minerals to help mothers fully replenish nutrients for mother and baby. In addition, it supports cell growth and regeneration, supporting healthy and balanced physical development.

  • Cooling, anti-inflammatory

Because every pregnant woman needs iron and calcium supplements, side effects such as fever, clear heat, constipation often affect the psychology and activities of pregnant women, using liver detoxification products such as bird’s nest.

  • Repels aging for youthful skin

Threonine is a precursor that forms elastin and collagen to help pregnant women reduce signs of aging. Bird’s nest contains a large amount of proline. This is a very good nutrient that supports cell regeneration, helps pregnant women have fresh skin, pink lips.

  • Anti-stretch marks, tanning

This is a problem that many pregnant women face such as stretch marks, cracks in the buttocks, thighs, abdomen … making many women worried. Red bird’s nest helps skin pink, smooth and anti-aging.

3.4 The effect of red bird’s nest on the fetus

  • Help babies in the womb develop their brains comprehensively
  • Stimulates the growth of cells
  • Stimulates the bone growth of the fetus
  • Enhance the child’s vision while still in the womb
  • Reduces the risk of children developing neural tube defects
  • Nutrient-rich supplements for the fetus

3.5 Effects of red bird’s nest on postpartum women

  • Helps increase lactation milk

With cardinals, the nutrients in this nutritious dish can help pregnant women have more milk to breastfeed.

  • Calcium supplementation and better calcium absorption

Bird’s nest is low in calcium but contains more than 1.75% lysine. This is a very important ingredient to help mothers increase the ability to absorb calcium in food, help bones stay strong and prevent spinal aging.

  • Fast postpartum recovery

The nutrients in red bird’s nest help the mother’s body recover faster during pregnancy, strengthen health, enhance calcium supplementation, help prevent spinal degeneration, osteoporosis, premature tooth loss due to age.

  • Preservation of a slim figure

The composition of red bird’s nest includes a variety of nonfat proteins and nutrients that help minimize the amount of starch you take into your body when breastfeeding. Pregnant women do not gain weight but add enough nutrients to the body.

  • Keeps skin soft and youthful

A great use of bird’s nest is to support the production of red blood cells to compensate for the blood loss during childbirth, giving women rosy skin, removing wrinkles. The skin of pregnant women after childbirth and quickly restores the soft skin of early pregnancy.

  • Strengthens the immune system

Red canary helps postpartum women stabilize the digestive system and strengthen immunity.


As a product that has been washed to retain its nutritional value, it can be processed immediately like raw bird’s nest and does not need to be withdrawn.

Red bird’s nest is also used similarly to common bird’s nests and can be used separately or with other ingredients for cooking, stewing …

Soak the cleaned bird’s nest in clean water for about 15-20 minutes so that the bird’s nest blooms evenly and tenderly before starting to cook, if the bird’s nest is processed, it should not be used cold.

Precautions for use:

  • You should use red canary in the morning before eating or 30 minutes before going to bed for better absorption.
  • Do not use bird’s nest when full, when sick due to low absorption.
  • Bird’s nest dishes should be used short-term within 10-15 days to ensure health and nutritional value.
  • Do not consume more than 3-5 g per day or eat more than 3 times per week.


To get delicious, quality red bird’s nest products, you need to know where to buy genuine quality assurance.

Currently on the market there are many types of bird’s nests, but bird’s nests have a very high value. Therefore, before deciding to buy bird’s nests or red bird’s nests, you should research online or ask for quality addresses, business licenses, food safety and hygiene to avoid buying poor quality bird’s nests that will affect health, should find a reputable company with certificates.

Duyen Viet Yen has many years participating in the “Bird’s Nest” market in the US. We are always committed to bringing our customers the best quality products.

Duyen Viet Yen is certified by FDA, HACCP and licensed by USDA, Fish/Wildlife. Our red bird’s nest products are always carefully selected by nutritionists. No preservatives, sauces or additives are used. The packaging is luxurious, beautiful and sophisticated. Suitable as a gift.

Now that you know the answer to what a bird’s nest is and where to buy it, thanks for following our article!

If you are interested in our products, please contact us via website: or hotline: +1 404-670-5678


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